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Intentionality. That’s the word that describes the pathway to abiding with Jesus. Which means, abiding doesn’t just happen on a wish or whim. God doesn’t just drop abiding in our laps. No, intentionality, which means longing, looking, hoping expectantly, desiring relationship with Christ. And here is the question, “Do we/you long for deepening relationship with Jesus? Do we/you long to move in deeper into the chambers of God’s love?” Intentionality requires the creation of pregnant space in our lives. Pregnant space is the expanding space amidst our schedules where we intentionally align ourselves with Jesus in ways that allow Jesus-life to be conceived, develop and be birthed within us. When this is happening, our lives, our character, our thinking, our priorities shift. They are transformed and we look and sound and smell (fragrance) more like Jesus. Darkness is pushed out, the light of God’s Kingdom comes and others are blessed. May we pray, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done in my life today as it is in heaven. Amen.”