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God desires to transform our lives, to fashion us in his image…a holy character. Holiness is not sour and dour. Holiness can be filled with laughter and dance. Holiness is the good, the fullness of life God created each person to live into and out of. When holiness begins to define our character others are blessed. They see and experience the high quality goodness within God’s people. As this holy goodness spills over and blesses others, they are drawn to God’s people and to the God who is forming us in his image.
So how is holiness formed in me? John 15:4,5 calls us to ABIDE, to rest and remain in Jesus. Abiding is the cultivation of a love relationship, to experience Jesus’ lavish love for us and to allow that love to form a fullness of devotion to Jesus as the very epicenter of our lives and relationships.
The simple question on Sunday was, “Do you love Jesus?” Invite the Holy Spirit to form a deepening hunger for more of Jesus, for deeper love and devotion. This is the work of the Holy Spirit within a Jesus-follower’s life. May you ABIDE in his presence and love this week.