Embassies of the Kingdom–Guest Speaker Mandy Fowler

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Kingdom embassies, making our lives, homes and relationships places where people encounter Jesus. This is actually incredible. God wants me/you to be a person through whom God becomes present, real and relevant to others. You/we through our day-to-day actions and interactions become the temple of God, the place where God dwells and is experienced. WOW! What a high calling and privilege we have as followers of Jesus. So let’s intentionally invite the Holy Spirit to fill us anew each day this week. Let’s sing in our hearts, “Here I am Lord,” and freely offer ourselves to be vessels of our risen Lord. Let us examine our days and encounters to see if we have been faithful, confess and repent where we have stumbled, rejoice in grace that cleanses and empowers and rise up each day committed to being Christ’s embassy to others.